In networks you can enable and configure AMPZ social network buttons by using a intuitive interface.

Select and Sort Networks

The screenshot below shows an overview of a part of the available social networks within AMPZ. Buttons having a green checkmark in the right of the row are enabled, buttons with a red cross are not (in this screenshot the buttons for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google Plus and LinkedIn are enabled). A button for a particular social network can be enabled by clicking the cross (disabling logically by clicking the checkmark).

Please note that WhatsApp, Telegram and Phone will only be displayed when the mobile mode is activated and screen resolution is below the set threshold. More information on this can be found in the Mobile section.

The order in which the buttons are displayed is also the order in which they appear on your website. The top button is displayed first. You can change the order of the buttons by dragging them. Dragging a button can be achieved by clicking and holding the hamburger icon on the left of the button and drag them into the desired position (check the screenshot below). Letting go fixes the button. By saving the plugin's settings, the new order is kept.

Button labels and Follow URLs

Once a button is enabled you can change e.g. the network label (which can be displayed on the button) by clicking the blue small button left of the green button with the white checkmark.

Below you see an example of the Facebook button.

If you have set the Fly In position to show the follow buttons, you can define the url of your Facebook page in "Your Facebook page". Just change the term YOURPAGE into your own Facebook page. If you leave it at YOURPAGE the Fly In position will not use this button for the follow buttons.

Fetching Facebook Counts

If you are experiencing issues with fetching Facebook counts most likely the solution is to create an access token for Facebook. Please follow the steps on to generate one and configure AMPZ to use this token.

Activate Twitter Count

In the end of 2015 Twitter stopped the functionality to fetch Tweet counts from their api. Luckily offers a free service to help get those counts back again. However, since august 2018 they also stopped offering their service. Unfortunately there is no official Twitter count anymore. AMPZ uses the number of time the tweet button is clicked to show a tweet count.