Automatic Updates

Starting with version 2.1.2 it is possible to automatically update AMPZ when a new version becomes available.

Just a quick (but important!) note to begin with:

If there have been customizations to your copy of AMPZ, these will most likely be overwritten if you update AMPZ.

How to enable automatic updates

In order to enable automatic updates you need to fill out your unique download id, which is provided in your personal page on To get it, log into your account ( and you will be redirected to your subscriptions page (if not, click on your username in the top right of the screen and navigate to "My Subscriptions").

Here you see a similar screen like the one below:

The arrow points to your unique download id. Select and copy the id in the green box. Now go to your the administrator part of your own website and open AMPZ (Components -> AMPZ Social Sharing), see the image below. In that screen click on Configure, this will redirect you to the configuration of AMPZ.

In the configuration screen of AMPZ (the orange one, see below), navigate to the Updates tab:

Now you can paste your unique Download ID in the field presented. Don't forget to save the plugin's settings!

Now what?

Now that you have entered your unique download id you are able to use the automatic updates offered by Joomla. Whenever a newer version of AMPZ is released you will be notified by Joomla in your backend. An example of such a notification looks like the one in the image below:

Click the "View Updates" button, which will redirect you to the extension updates section. Select the checkbox left to AMPZ Basic/Extended and hit the update button in the top left:

Now the magic happens..;-)

If your Download ID is filled out properly AND your subscription is active, AMPZ will be updated to the latest version and you will see a message that the update has been successfully!

Problems updating AMPZ

If you receive an error updating AMPZ (403 error most likely), a couple of scenarios are possible (in order of most likeliness):

  • Your unique Download ID is not filled out properly (check if the id is exactly the same as the one provided on
  • Your subscription has expired. You will still be notified when a new version is released, but if your subscription has expired you will not be able to update AMPZ. Either keep using your current version of AMPZ or renew your subscription. Renewing your subscription can be done with discount, simply by clicking the highlighted button in your personal subscription page on

Once you renewed, you should be able to update AMPZ again.

  • You have had a basic subscription and upgraded to extended. In this scenario, the update server of the basic version is also still in the list of update servers and is trying to update your extended version to a basic one. You can remove that update server from the list of update servers by clicking the Update Sites link and then the Rebuild button, see below.

  • The update server is not online. If you can reach, this cause is highly unlikely.

If you have checked everything above and it is still not working properly, please send an email to or chat with me using the chat button on