There are a couple of general settings that can be configured for AMPZ.

Total Shares

If you have enabled Total Shares for one or more positions (check the placement section on how to do this) you can specify the label that you want to use here.

Since having 0 (zero) shares for a page is not really good social proof, you can specify a threshold when total shares should be displayed. This means that if you e.g. enter a number of 100 in the Display if above field, the total shares label and share count will only be displayed if the total amount of shares exceeds 100 shares.

Delay Settings

In order to attract the attention of visitors to the social buttons it is advisable to delay the entrance of the buttons. You can specify the amount of seconds in the Entrance Delay field.

Cache Settings

Performance is very important for a website for many reasons (SEO, keeping visitors, user experience, etc). Since requesting the share count from the several social networks takes time, AMPZ is equipped with a smart caching system to minimize these external requests. In the field Cache (in minutes) you can enter an amount of minutes (default: 60) that the extension caches the share counts for each page of your website. This also implies that if share counts for your pages are increased during this time period, the updated count is displayed after the set time.

In order to force updating share counts for your pages, you can either enter 0 (which disables cache completely and is not recommended) or clear your website's cache (System -> Clear cache -> Select plg_AMPZ -> Delete).

Click Button / Support Author Settings

If you experience issues with the default opening of the share buttons using the built-in popup functionality you can also open the share dialogs in a new tab by enabling the setting below.

By default all AMPZ versions come with a backlink to support the author. Note: for the basic version this backlink can not be disabled, it comes with the package.

For the 1 YEAR and DEVELOPER subscription you can disable this backlink by enabling the setting above.