Validating TAGS

If you have come to this page all TAGS have been defined. Now the time has come to validate them, although the Previews in TAGZ should be a realistic preview. Facebook and Twitter offer their own debugger and validator to do so. Let's check them out.

Facebook (Open Graph) Debugger

To validate or debug Open Graph TAGS visit the Facebook Sharing Debugger, see screenshot below.

In the highlighted field enter the url of the page you want to debug and click the Debug button. Facebook will scrape the page. The following is the output of the page, which should similar to yours:

All defined TAGS are displayed in this screen, together with an actual preview how a sharing popup should look. If you see errors here please try to Google them first. If that doesn't help please get in touch using the contact options on

Twitter Card Validator

Similar to the Facebook Debugger Twitter offers a Twitter Card Validator:

Again here, enter the url of the page you want to validator and hit the Preview card button. If all set properly the Card preview is showing a perfect looking Tweet screen.