This section describes how to use the statistics dashboard of AMPZ. It assumes you have already installed the extension.

Showing the statistics dashboard

The statistics dashboard can be reached by clicking "Components -> AMPZ Social Sharing" in the backend menu, see image below.

The dashboard contains a blue header, whereas the area to configure AMPZ displays a orange header. From the statistics dashboard you can go directly to the configuration of the plugin by clicking CONFIGURE in the left menu.

The dashboard contents

Below the dashboard is visualized. Please note that the dashboard displays "Click" statistics, which can deviate from actual shares. Unfortunately there is no way to check whether a click on a button actually resulted in a share.

The dashboard contains a couple of areas:

  • ALL TIME AMPZ SHARES: The top left pane displays the all time clicks on any AMPZ button.
  • ALL TIME POSITIONS: This pane shows the all time percentage positions a button is clicked. In this example the position Inline Top is used for the majority (60%) of the shares.
  • ALL TIME NETWORKS: What buttons are clicked can be found in this pane. The example shows that LinkedIn was the most popular network to be used for sharing.
  • PAST 30 DAYS: The bottom pane shows the shares for the last month, split in individual days. By hovering the mouse over the bars numbers are added to make it easier to read the graph.

New panes can be added. If you have a need for a new dashboard pane, please let me know on

Reset Statistics

In the bottom of the statistics dashboard there is an option to reset the statistics. Warning: if you hit this button once the statistics will be deleted immediately and there is no turning back!