ZOO Specific Configuration

YooTheme's ZOO extension may require some additional configuration. This guide will help you do that.

You only need to follow this guide if TAGZ doesn't fetch the proper Description or Image for your items. Most likely this is due to the fact that your website is using a customized install of ZOO.

ZOO Config using the default ZOO Apps

In the TAGZ CONFIG section you will find a screen like the one below:

This section contains the default Description/Image strings for ZOO Apps coming with the default installer of ZOO, which can be changed if needed. How to change them if handled below.

Changing Description and/or Image Strings

Changing the default Description and/or Image Strings may be needed when you have changed the default configuration of ZOO or have created custom instances of ZOO Apps. This section will describe what to do for custom Apps since the process of finding the Strings is similar for other App instances.

Getting/setting the slug for a Custom ZOO App instance

Follow the steps below to find the Description and Image Strings.

  1. First, go to the configuration part of ZOO:

Our custom App is an instance of Blog so Blog is clicked. Select the particular App for your custom instance.

  1. Click on the particular App instance name you want to fetch the TAGs for (in this case Testartikel):

  1. Copy the slug name and close the view:

  2. Go to TAGZ CONFIG and scroll all the way down to Enable ZOO Custom Types: Click on Yes and fill the copied slug name of step 3 in ZOO Custom Type 1 (slug):

Setting Description and Image Strings

Now it is time to get the Description and Image Strings. This is similar for custom Apps and regular ZOO Apps.

  1. Open a ZOO item of the type you want to fetch the TAGs for. In this case the custom type testartikel:
  2. Find the field that you want to use as Description (in this case Beschrijving). Right-click the title and click Inspect:
  3. Now the hard part: in the inspector a little below the highlighted part there is a sentence that includes a part like this: You need to find the part elements[xxx][0][value], specific the String between elements[] (in this case 9d2d2f91-8b99-44c2-a62b-e1e08965c66d). Copy that String and paste it temporary in a text editor.

For finding the Image String a similar procedure like the one above needs to be followed:

1.First, find the field that contains the Image you want to use for the TAGs and Inspect that:

  1. For the Image String find the part that looks like: elements[xxx][file]. Copy the part between elements[] (in this case 9d62bc55-58c3-478c-91e0-e0e6ef296b0e) and paste it again in a text editor.

Paste the copied Description/Image Strings in the TAGZ CONFIG

Now, both Strings are copied in a safe (temporary) place!

  1. Go to TAGZ CONFIG again and scroll to the section that belong to the App slug. This can be a custom App or a customized default App (i.e. Blog->Article or Cookbook->Recipe).
  2. The screenshot below continue with the testartikel custom App. Paste the found Strings in the particular fields:
  3. Do not forget to SAVE the CONFIG

Now you can create the Open Graph and Twitter Cards :-). More about that in the section about Creating TAGS